CB Technologies as Texmark’s SI and IT Support Contractor

Texmark is pleased to announce that CB Technologies (CBT) has been chosen as its Systems Integration (SI) and Information Technology (IT) Support Contractor.

Over that past year, Texmark has worked closely with CBT as an ecosystem partner within the Refinery of the Future (ROTF).  CBT’s keen organizational, planning, and execution abilities were quickly recognized by the Texmark team.  In addition, it became clear to management that CBT was excellent at communicating and collaborating with diverse groups – a requisite for our systems integration needs.  In this role, CBT will provide technical assistance in the evaluation, recommendation and implementation of critical IT applications at Texmark.

Just as important to Texmark was the need to have someone oversee the growing IT Support requirements at the plant.  Here again, CBT provided leadership, technology prowess, and a deep bench of knowledgeable professionals to help us address unforeseen business, operational, and testing challenges to our IT framework.  As Texmark continues to evaluate and implement new IT offerings, within the context of the ROTF and corporate-wide, we will utilize CBT personnel to help steer those projects.

We look forward to working with CBT in these two capacities, as we pursue new chemical process opportunities and improve current production streams, while maintaining a high level of precision and safety.


Linda Salinas and Doug Smith with Kelly Ireland, CB Technologies Founder and CEO