HPE Ambassadors Tour ROTF

The Ambassadors – HPE’s best-of-breed field engineers – came to Texmark to see real/operational solutions in action. in ROTF. This is the text of the email sent after their visit:


As I was entering your information into the accountability system to issue Texmark visitor badges, I was struck by the fact that your group represented 13 different countries, each of you an HPE Ambassador. My mind then started pondering how the Refinery of the Future (ROTF), a project built on the technology foundation of HPE hardware, is composed of the many people from 13 different ecosystem partners. Wow! It made me so proud and humbled to think about how we all, together, are ambassadors of change and innovation.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the plant on Sunday. Again, one of the first things we hear from guests (potential customers) who visit ROTF is, “it is so exciting to see an IoT project that is actually happening, not another slide deck.” After watching the HPE MyRoom demo and seeing the technology solutions in use at the vacuum pump, the EdgeDataCenter, and the control room, I hope you understand the truth of the slide deck comment. (That said, I hope that our slide deck contributed to the story!) I would add, seeing technology at work in the world is indeed a most powerful sales tool.

Please know that Linda, Stan, and I, as well as the Texmark and CB Technologies teams, stand ready to tell the story about how the ROTF is increasing safety, improving efficiencies, changing our culture, and bringing about profitable actions.

Attached is our EXCELLENT class photo!



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