The Texmark team is a united group of diverse individuals committed to working together to accomplish goals through planning, implementation, and execution. We are committed to safety, with a record of 25 years with only one lost-time incident. We are committed to profitable action — profit to our customers, to our suppliers, and to ourselves. We are committed to seeking to develop new relationships while nurturing old ones, something Texmark has practiced since 1970.


The management of Texmark seeks to conduct business in a highly ethical and reputable manner. In particular, we seek to live out our Christian faith in the adventure of work and business. We hire motivated people who work well with others and seek to be the best they can be in their work and in their lives outside of work. We recognize and reward profitable initiative and action. We are committed to safety, health, and a clean environment.


Texmark proudly affiliates with organizations that keep the company at the cutting edge of chemical processing, involved in the community, and at the forefront of maintaining a safe work environment.