Texmark produces Alcohols used in paints, coatings, and thinners, as well as hybrids used in the mining industry.

  • NPA-97: n-propanol 97% purity
  • NBA-96: n-butanol 96% purity
  • DMS145: mixed alcohol/aldehyde (used for flotation and frothers)

The Aromatic Solvents Texmark produces are used in pesticides, adhesives, and inks. Grades produced include:

  • RB Solv 100: Aromatic Solvent 100
  • RB Solv 150: Aromatic Solvent 150
  • RB Solv 150ND: Aromatic Solvent 150 Napthalene depleted

For technical data sheets, SDS’s, or samples, please contact us.